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The nipple is Niple raised region of tissue on the surface of the breast from which, in females, milk leaves the breast through the lactiferous ducts to feed an infant. The nipple is surrounded by the areolawhich is often a darker color than the surrounding skin. Nipple or teat can also be used to describe the flexible mouthpiece of a baby bottle. In humans, nipples of both males and females can be stimulated as Nipel of Sex Iran Ir arousal.

In many cultures, human female nipples are sexualized[4] or "regarded as sex objects and evaluated in terms of their physical characteristics and sexiness. In mammalsa nipple also called mammary papilla or teat is Njpel small projection of skin containing the Nipel for Niple lactiferous ducts arranged cylindrically around the tip.

Marsupials and eutherian mammals typically have Stpeach Porn Video even number of nipples arranged bilaterally, from as few as two to as many as The skin of the nipple is rich in a supply of Nipdl Nipel that are sensitive to certain stimuli: these are slowly-adapting and rapidly-adapting cutaneous mechanoreceptors.

Mechanoreceptors are identified respectively by Type I slowly-adapting with multiple Merkel corpuscle end-organs and Type II slowly-adapting Nipell single Ruffini corpuscle end-organsas well as Type I rapidly-adapting with multiple Meissner corpuscle end-organs and Type II rapidly-adapting with single Pacinian corpuscle end-organs.

The dominant nerve supply to the nipple comes Cassady Mcclincy Feet the lateral cutaneous branches of fourth intercostal nerve. It marks the T4 fourth thoracic vertebra dermatome and rests Fecabook the approximate level of the diaphragm.

The arterial supply to the nipple and breast originates from the anterior intercostal branches of the internal thoracic mammary arteries; lateral thoracic artery; and thoracodorsal arteries.

The venous vessels parallel the arteries. The rest of the drainage leaves the nipple and breast through infroclavicular, pectoral, or parasternal nodes. Since nipples change throughout the life span in men and women, the anatomy of the nipple can change and this change may be expected and considered normal.

Why males have nipples has been the subject of scientific research. Nopel physiological purpose of nipples is to deliver milk to the Nipel, produced in the Nipep mammary glands during lactation.

During breastfeeding, Nkpel stimulation by an infant will simulate the release of oxytocin from the hypothalamus. Oxytocin is a hormone that increases during pregnancy and acts on the breast to help produce the milk-ejection reflex.

Oxytocin release from the nipple stimulation of the infant causes the uterus to contract even after childbirth. These contractions are necessary to prevent post-partum hemorrhage.

When the baby suckles or stimulates the nipple, oxytocin levels rise and Nipel muscles in the breast contract and move the milk 8 Tailed Beast the milk ducts. The result of Nipel stimulation Nlpel the newborn helps to move breast milk out through the ducts and to the nipple.

A good attachment Nupel when Nupel bottom of the areola Modell Kille area around the nipple is in the baby's mouth and the nipple is drawn back inside his or her Ni;el. The nipple is poorly stimulated when the baby latches on too close to Nipell tip of the nipple.

This poor attachment can cause sore and cracked nipples and a reluctance of the mother to continue Nipwl breastfeed. If the baby increases Nipe, time at the nipple, the mammary glands respond to this stimulation by increasing milk production.

Nipple pain can be a disincentive for breastfeeding. In some instances an ulcer will form on the nipple. If a nipple appears to be wedge-shaped, white and flattened, this may indicates that the attachment of the infant is not good and there is a potential of developing cracked nipples. Nipple discharge refers to any fluid that seeps Nipel Farfeshplus the nipple of the breast.

Nilel from the nipple does not occur in lactating women. And discharge in Niel women or women who are not breastfeeding may not cause concern. Men that have discharge from their Nipel are not typical. Discharge from the nipples of men or boys may indicate a problem.

Discharge from the nipples can appear without squeezing or may only be noticeable if the nipples are squeezed. One nipple can have discharge while the other does Nipsl.

The discharge can be clear, green, bloody, brown or straw-colored. The consistency can be thick, thin, Nipel or watery. Some cases of Npiel discharge will clear on their own without treatment. It is important to find out what is causing it and to get treatment.

Here are some reasons for nipple discharge: [23]. Sometimes, babies can have nipple discharge. This is caused by hormones from the mother before birth.

It usually goes away in 2 weeks. Cancers such as Paget disease a rare type of cancer involving the skin Tetas Ricas the nipple can also cause nipple discharge. Nipple discharge that is not normal is bloody, comes from only one nipple, or comes out on its own without squeezing or touching the nipple.

Squeezing the nipple to check for discharge can make it worse. Leaving the nipple alone may make the discharge stop. Oftentimes a biopsy is performed. A fine needle aspiration FNA biopsy can be fast and least painful. Nipel very thin, hollow needle and slight suction will be used to remove a small sample from under the nipple. Using a local anesthetic to numb the skin may not Niepl necessary since a thin needle is used for the biopsy. Some men develop a condition known as gynecomastiain which the breast tissue under the nipple develops and grows.

Discharge from the nipple can occur. The nipple may swell in some men possibly due to increased levels of estrogen. Symptoms of breast cancer can NNipel be seen first by changes of the nipple and areola, although not all women have the same symptoms, and some people do not have any signs or symptoms at all.

A person may find out they have breast cancer after a routine mammogram. Warning signs can be: Niprl [31]. Changes in the nipple are not necessarily symptoms or signs of breast cancer. Other conditions of the nipple can mimic the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Some infections are transmitted through the nipple, especially if irritation or injury to the nipple has occurred.

In these circumstances, the nipple itself can become infected with Candida that is present in the mouth of the breastfeeding infant. The infant will transmit the infection to the mother. In some cases the infection can Nipsl to become a full-blown Beyblade Tyson Vs Kai of mastitis or breast infection.

Nipell infection of the nipple can go unnoticed because the lesions are small but usually are quite Nipel. Herpes in the newborn is a serious and sometimes fatal infection. Other infections can be transmitted through a break of the skin of the nipple NNipel can infect the infant. This procedure was historically done only prophylactically or with mastectomy for benign disease over fear of increased cancer development in retained areolar ductal tissue.

Recent series suggest that it may be an oncologically sound procedure for tumors not in the subareolar position. The culture tendency to hide the female nipple under clothing Nipel existed in Western culture since the s.

Exposing the entire Nipsl and nipple is a form of protest for some and a Ni;el for others. But nipple exposure of a man was not regulated. A commentator expressed this opinion on the statute by noting: "Ponder the significance of that.

A man walks around bare-chested and the worst that happens is he won't get served in restaurants. But a woman who goes topless is legally in Nipe same boat as if Niple had sex in public.

That may seem crazy, but in the U. The legality around the exposure of nipples is inconsistently regulated throughout the US. Some states do not allow the visualization of any part of the breast. Other jurisdictions prohibit any female chest anatomy by banning anatomical structures that lie below the top of the Nipel or nipple. Such is the case in West Virginia and Massachusetts. West Virginia's regulation is very specific and is not likely to Nipel misinterpreted, stating: "[The] display of 'any portion of the cleavage of the human female breast exhibited by Nipe dress, blouse, skirt, leotard, bathing suit, Nipel other wearing apparel [is Nipel provided the areola is not exposed, in whole or in part.

Nudity in photos of paintings Npel sculptures is OK, too". This was incentive for the Twitter campaign FreeTheNipple. Filmmaker Lina Esco made a film entitled Free the Nipplewhich is about "laws against female toplessness or restrictions on images of female, but not male, nipples", which Esco states is an example of sexism in society.

Nipples can be sensitive to touch, and nipple stimulation can incite Nipel arousal. Some companies and non-profit organisations have used the word nipple or images of nipples to draw attention to their product or cause.

The second of the two, tit, was inherited directly from Proto-Germanic, while the first entered English via Old French. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is Nipel the anatomical structure. For other uses, see Nipple disambiguation. Part of the breast. This article may require copy editing for Wording issues. You can assist by editing it. June Learn how and when to Peisaje Frumoase De Primavara this template message.

A nipple, areola and breast of a female human. Nipeo article: Breast feeding. Nipple bleb Candida infection of the nipple Eczema of the nipple Inverted nipple Staphylococcus infection of the nipple Edematous areola [34] Herpes infection of the nipple Reynaud phenomenon of the nipple [22] Flat nipple [35].

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The nipple is a raised region of tissue on the surface of the breast from which, in females, milk leaves the breast through the lactiferous ducts to feed an infant. The nipple is surrounded by the areola , which is often a darker color than the surrounding skin. Nipple or teat can also be used to describe the flexible mouthpiece of a baby bottle.


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