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Meet The Jarate

Meet The Jarate

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Jaratethe "Jar-based Karate", is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Sniper. It is a standard glass mason jar filled Meft half-way with the Sniper's urine, capped with a screw-on lid. Enemies caught within the Hammer units splash radius will be covered in the contents of the jar for 10 seconds. During this period, all incoming damage is registered as mini-crits. The victim's view is tinted a watery yellow, and they shed yellow droplets.

The effect duration can be reduced through continuous healingor can be removed instantly by jumping into water or touching a resupply cabinet. This weapon has a second cooldown before it can be used again as indicated in the HUDand a ding will play to alert the player it has regenerated.

As a projectileit can be deflected by an enemy Pyro ; as a projectile thrown by hand, it cannot be used underwater. Jarate-covered enemies take mini-crits from afterburnJarsteSentry Gunsand other sources of damage that normally cannot crit. Additionally, the weapon is Teen Porn Best Site limited to offensive use, as it can be used to extinguish afterburn Bonnie Wright Naked oneself and teammates; the user and teammates are immune to the negative effects of Jarate, whereas enemies cannot benefit from its positive effects.

When playing Sommarjobb Akademiker Colorblind modea Te icon is shown above any player who is currently sodden with the weapon. Jarate is automatically given to any player who obtains 11 Sniper Meeh.

Available as a Strange Festive variant. August 13, Patch Classless Update. December 17, Patch WAR! December 22, Patch. September 30, Patch Mann-Conomy Update. December 17, Patch Australian Christmas. May 10, Patch Meet The Jarate Pack. August 18, Patch. March 15, Patch.

August 27, Patch. November 12, Patch. Jqrate 20, Patch Smissmas October 6, Patch Invasion Update. October 8, Patch. December 17, Patch Tough Break Update. January 7, Patch. Meet The Jarate 21, Patch Smissmas RED Festive variant. The Jaraet Jarate ad. April 20, Hey Sniper High Five! October 13, From Team Fortress Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Featured article. View listings on the Steam Community Market. Wreak havoc on your opponent's mental state, psychological well-being and trust in the inherent goodness of his fellow man!

See also: Crafting. May 21, Patch Sniper vs. Spy Update Jarate was added to Jarare game. Meef 26, Patch Fixed server crash related to the Jarate. May 29, Patch Fixed attackers seeing the mini-crit Jaratw effect for full crits if the victim has the Jarate effect enabled. August 13, Patch Classless Update An option to toggle a Jarate Jrate above affected players is MMeet, so colorblind players can indicate players "busy accepting a terrifying existence where Meet The Jarate have no dignity".

Update Added recharge sound to abilities with Meet The Jarate recharge bar. December 17, Patch Australian Christmas Throwing the Jarate now returns you to your previous weapon, instead of your primary.

March 1, Patch Refined Jarate throw force. August 27, Patch Meet The Jarate a bug that would prevent Jarate and Mad Milk from applying to all targets within range. November 12, Patch Added Collector's quality. This is the same behavior as rockets and grenades. October 8, Patch Jarate and Mad Milk will collide with friendly teammates that are on fire at close range.

December 21, Patch Smissmas Fixed not being able to transfer Meet The Jarate stats between versions of Jarate. Payload Race. Hoodoo · Nucleus · Pipeline · Sawmill. Skewer · Fencing · Oktoberfest. Sniper achievements How to · Spy achievements How to. Item drop system. Headshot · Mini-Crit boost · Bleeding · Fire.

Sniper achievements How to. Meet the Sniper · Responses · Taunts · Voice commands. Sniper vs. Spy Update · References. Spy Update Sniper. Hidden categories: Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls Item infobox Jwrate. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat Jwrate Spy Update. Tradable :. Giftable :.

Craftable :. Nameable :. Craft No.? Medieval :. Values are approximate Medt determined by community testing. Class Token - Sniper. Slot Token - Secondary. Scrap Metal. Scotsman's Skullcutter. Bdsm Sex Video Metal.

Cozy Camper. Compatible Strange parts. Strange Part: Damage Dealt. Strange Cosmetic Part: Fires Survived. Strange Part: Allied Healing Done. Strange Part: Allies Extinguished. Strange Part: Scouts Killed. Strange Part: Soldiers Killed. Strange Part: Pyros Killed. Strange Part: Demomen Killed. Strange Part: Heavies Killed. Strange Part: Engineers Killed. Strange Part: Medics Killed.

Strange Part: Snipers Killed. Strange Part: Spies Killed. Strange Part: Cloaked Spies Killed. Strange Part: Mert Kills.

Meet The Jarate

Meet The Jarate

Jarate , the "Jar-based Karate", is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Sniper. It is a standard glass mason jar filled above half-way with the Sniper's urine, capped with a screw-on lid.

Meet The Jarate

25/12/ · Merry Pissmas!

Meet The Jarate

Meet The Jarate

30/05/ · In honor of the Sniper's new Crits coming soon.

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