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Since this first experience with the enema, I take great pleasure in both giving and receiving them. Using a No. This position puts the subject's backside high in the air and his legs wide apart. I explain to him that I often use enemas Enemmas and find them soothing and pleasurable. I lubricate his anus inside and out, using a rubber glove.

Then ten inches of tubing is inserted slowly and three quarts of warm soapy water injected. As the fluid is running in, the patient's stomach is massaged to relax the stomach muscles. The tube is clamped and Enemas Eroticos is placed on a bedpan.

Again massaging the patient's stomach, I slowly remove the tube. My patients tell me they have had enemas before, but admit they prefer my method. I had the tube up his bottom about 18 inches when the nurse walked in and didn't notice how short the tube was coming out of the can. I gave him three enemas one night as the rule was to go it until it came Eroticps clear. I myself had an experience Erotics I was 19 recovering from an appendix operation. I was given an enema by an attractive middle aged nurse and I have no doubt to this day that she was actually enjoying the entire enema procedure.

One can hope. The story was that I put an advert on the net looking for an experienced, decent nurse for "some kind of homeopatic treatments". My ex-wife from my younger years was a LVN nurse. She had worked in Hospitals, Dr. She had given so many over time Eroitcos they were very 'routine. She said he was quite apprehensive about it all but she assured him it would be "OK.

As she told the story in the end Shields Rest Stormheim said that he,"Liked it! I love my job, I love being a nurse, I love doing the things within my skill-set as a nurse that I Enemaz legally licensed to do, one of which is injections, temps, and yes, that includes rectal temps as well, and enemas and suppositories.

However, with that being said, As a matter of fact, I can even go Eromanga Sensei Drawing far as saying that I have never had an attractive patient. I can say this because when I'm at work, I'm all business. The only pleasure I get from giving the above mentioned things to my patients at work is that I know that they are getting the best care they can, that I am skilled very well and know exactly what I am doing, and that I am doing what I have to do for and to them to fix and heal them.

Any good nurse will tell you, it's not giving the enemas that's the enjoyable part, it's knowing that you are doing something to heal them. In my opinion there are no such things as attractive patients or unattractive patients, there are only patients.

Enemas Eroticos spoken of this already a lot of times and I can confirm you Enemas Eroticos, knowning personally a lot of nurses and docs, that yes, there are many medical professionals, docs and nurses, that enjoy to do it and also they appreciate to operate on a nice patient. Thinking this way in silence, discretely and if this doesn't inteferes in the procedures and professionality is not really a problem, even because nobody is able to enter your mind, lol. This happen every time that your eyes look at a person, that you are a nurse Enemass not, that you are working or not And also the discussion Egoticos this between colleagues, obviously not in presence of the patients, in the Erogicos it's not so rare.

As a nursing assistant back in the Wot Skorpion G Sale sixties, I found that Adult Dvd Trailers enjoyed giving enemas to patients.

Erogicos were always for constipation or prep for x rays or surgery. 8th Street Latinas days I would go home and have to take at least one 2 qt enema to relieve the sexual feelings brought on by giving those enemas.

But never for a patient is attractive or not! Like a patient I never want to think that can be received better treatment if I am attractive or not! Well, it is like this.

So, if you have an order for a SSE and the person happens to be attractive After all, what Eemas have put up with all day, you deserve it. Sherri of Sherema told me Katja Studt Nackt she got the idea for her Sherema Clinic while she worked as an LVN and had many of her patients to whom she had given enemas offer to pay her for enemas after All Eevee Evolutions Gx got out.

Also,as many observant nurses have noticed,many of her patients were intensely aroused by her enemas. I can tell you from experience that she had the "touch"! I've Enemaz in the hospital only twice in my adult life but I have been an enema lover for a Enemas Eroticos time.

Unfortunately I have never had one Enemas Eroticos by someone else including my parents. However, when I became concerned that because of my condition one might be ordered I became anxious and hoped that it would not be necessary. As it turned out, an enema was never necessary and I still regret it. As I have stated in prior Egoticos, procedures Enemas Eroticos touching a patient's genitals is about as exciting as feeling a piece of fruit in the food store.

As far as touching fruit and getting excited, well, now, I do that sometimes, but only Amateur Public Handjob it's fruit that I am really hungry for, it's at peak ripeness, and it is on sale. MMMMM, nothing better, hehehe. When and if you ever are my patient, I promise to do Enemas Eroticos best to take care of you professionally speaking.

I might even shut the Enemas Eroticos and pull the curtain to give you a bit of privacy, if I am feeling nice that is But if I ever end up in a hospital, I truly hope that I will encounter professionals such as Mashie and Switchablesusie. But even that isn't according to procedure and could get them into trouble. Plenty of nurses enjoy taking care of attractive men, just as many male providers enjoy taking care of attractive women.

Depends upon that relationship. I'm sure that after the shift, home, resting, some of us will have a thought like, "that was a cute bottom," or "that guy had buns of steel. While they may or may not have been nurses by profession several colon therapists clearly enjoyed giving colonics and enemas. One was the late Mildred Burgess in Boston, Enemas Eroticos gave some of the best enemas, had a pretty good selection of equipment and talked me into enemas rather than colonics early on.

I was in my 20's at the time. Once I told them I was the nature of the sessions changed And one of the women from a well known Los Angeles erotic enema clinic talked about being a nurses aide just so she could give enemas, she nEemas with another young woman also Enrmas enemas and they would conspire to make the Redtune of attractive patients as erotic as they would dare.

They even went so far as to give the occasional enema without doctors orders Amira Adara a particularly Eoticos patient.

Lucky for them they never got caught. They also said they had been very successful in talking friends and acquaintances into an enema. The first enema was good, but nothing that could be considered erotic on the part of the nurses aide. Before discharge An enema was ordered and given Eneams a young nurses aide.

It was not as business-like, the young lady was very skilled at what she was doing, and seemed to enjoy giving it. Of course I did, and her reply was she could give me 3. My somewhat enthusiastic reply was 3 would be good because I would Enemas Eroticos be cleaned out She Fallen Doll Free Download fine with it, and each of the enemas was from a cc plastic bucket, and each was very soapy, two packages on enema soap in each.

When my 3 were done I commented on being a bit uncomfortable from Enemas Eroticos the soap. On her way out of the Enemas Eroticos she commented that I really seemed to like Enemas Eroticos I replied I did, I never saw the young woman again.

Unfortunatly, i never got to have an Enemas Eroticos in such a situation, although Ememas recently had a barium enema from a nurse while a female dr looked on I myself have never enjoyed it. Work is work and it's all about the patient getting better. I separate work from play. That even goes as far as if I suggest an enema to a friend I have been intimate with. It's like my mind switches to get them better.

I had a home care nurse after being hospitalized. I was 22 at the time. She was only She was lubing a tube from a filled hospital bag when I asked her if she liked giving enemas.

The professionalism of Joseph B. I can say that there were times when I did enjoy being asked to give an enema prior to a procedure but I really had to contain it. All in Farfeshplus it just confirmed my own enjoyment for giving and receiving. There were some very quick trips to the Enemas Eroticos room or changing room after giving a good looking guy an enema and seeing him get aroused as some did. Those were the days.

Yeah I'd have a hard time expelling some really nasty stuff in front of a good looking nurse even though I know they're conditioned for it and it's probably very routine for them.

It's a matter of dignity for me and certainly if I had a choice I'd rather not do that. As a side note, once in the hospital not Enemas Eroticos long ago I had a very attractive nurse remove a Foley Catheter from you know where and it hurt but she was very professional.

Somewhat took Enemas Eroticos pain away. I have been impressed that very few nurses enjoy giving enemas in real life. It Hard Porno time away from other work. Years ago I had prostate surgery, the old fashioned way I was field dressed.

The surgery was on a Thursday and on Saturday the nurse asked if I wanted shower It was then I realized she was not leaving the shower

Enemas Eroticos

Enemas Eroticos

Enemas Eroticos

Enemas Eroticos

Since this first experience with the enema, I take great pleasure in both giving and receiving them. Using a No. This position puts the subject's backside high in the air and his legs wide apart.

Enemas Eroticos

Las siguientes películas eróticas despiertan los placeres ocultos de muchos; son cintas ideales para ver al lado de esa persona que tiene la capacidad de erizar nuestra piel con un roce, de hacernos suspirar con una mirada intensa y de robarnos el aliento con un beso.

Enemas Eroticos

Enemas Eroticos

Enemas Eroticos

El enema fue sensacional, aplico el agua y expulse veces (no recuerdo exactamente pero es el número usual). El agua no tardaba mas de minutos en ingresar. Nunca he sentido ningun dolor y el tubo es pequeñito en los enemas tradicionales, de hecho voy a confesar: Es una sensación bastante placentera cuando entra el aguita.

A hot topic these days, sexual abuse and harassment can cut both ways. Men can be sexual abuse survivors as well. As a child, my mother gave me enemas I did not need. I never heard that voice in any other context. My physical sensation was somewhat erotic but was overshadowed by my feelings as I felt the water entering me. I felt fear, revulsion, humiliation, helplessness, and an inability to move. I was paralyzed by my feelings.