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Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Post Reply Previous topic Next topic. Well actually it didn't start there. I'd been trying to tie myself up for ages, years even. It is quite easy to tie your legs up, gags and even blindfolding yourself is easy but tying your own hands, that is very difficult, especially if you want to be able to release yourself again. In fact if you can release yourself then you are not really tied up.

Well I'd tried everything: toy handcuffs with release buttons, loops of elastic, rubber bands, tying a loop of rope and twisting a couple of times that was my favorite but I had to be careful of leaving marks even taped wrapped round myself putting the roll of tape round a door handle or something similar. Every time though I had to be able to release myself so I was never really tied up.

Until the Easter Holidays that Tied In Tights, when was 11 and in my last year at junior school. My mum was away for the day so I was being babysat I hated the term babysitter when I was 11 but mum thought it sounded better than child minder by my mum's younger sister Christine or Auntie Chris.

She was about 26, 27 or thereabouts and had come over that morning. It was a wet day so I was inside in my bedroom playing one of my games. I was wearing a football shirt I won't say which team as some of the males here will argue over that and miss the point of the storyand a pair of jeans. My feet were bare as I never put socks on at home until I was going out, and usually took them off along with my shoes when back.

It was a house rule, no shoes inside, and mum was usually barefoot in the house during summer nylons or socks in winter so I guess I just copied her summer style, but I did it all year round too. I had tied my ankles together over my jeans with a length of rope then tied a belt round my knees.

I had a clean white sock in my mouth held in with a crepe bandage wrapped three times round and in between my teeth, my hands were behind my back, and this is the weak point. I had a loop of elastic I used to keep my long school socks up when I wore shorts. Except this was plain white elastic and supposed to fit round my leg just below my knee.

Well actually I had both wrists in it and I'd twisted my hands round so it was I a figure of 8 with a few twists between my wrists. So I was wriggling round a little trying to look at myself in the mirror gagged with hands behind me or holding my feet up and shaking them so I could see my soles in the mirror and making mmpphhing noises to myself.

Do you want some lunch yet? She was wearing a black long sleeved top, with her straight red hair flowing down to just past her shoulders, knee length red skirt and tan tights.

I had also knocked the door shut with my earlier struggles rather than leaving it a few centimeters open to let me hear the sound of the stairs creaking.

She looked Tied In Tights me for about 2 seconds then burst Pokemon Yas laughing. Well I kicked and struggled and twisted round so my feet were on the floor and I could hop around the room but I could not get my hands free whatever I tried.

I had never been truly tied up and helpless before and although it was a little frightening I loved not being able to escape. After about 15 minutes struggling I just looked at hands in the mirror or sat on the bed and tried to look like a kidnapped victim, my bare feet pointing to the mirror so I could see my soles wrinkle as I wriggled my toes.

I was properly tied up and loving it. After half an hour Aunty Chris came back in. Aunt Chris leant forward, put her shoulder onto my chest, her arms round my legs and picked me up over her shoulder. Shannen Doherty Nude carefully turned round and carried me down stairs like that. Once down stairs she took me into the kitchen and dropped me back to the floor on my feet and told me to sit in one of the chairs she pushed up behind me.

I hoped gingerly backwards and sat down. She came round behind me and undid the bandage allowing me to push the sock out with my tongue. Have you ever been tied up by someone else before?

Only tying myself. So I can keep you tied up as long as I like. After 20 minutes a salad and chicken sandwiches were ready and she untied my hands to let me feed myself and gave me a drink. She said I had to go and wash my Lululemon Sverige Online and go to the toilet if I needed before I ate but that my feet had to stay tied up all the time.

I hopped to the bathroom and hopped back in a few minutes later. Next she asked me what I was planning to do this afternoon. It was still raining and I shrugged my shoulders. If Tied In Tights of your friends call then you are out with you mum. I have come round to make tea for you both. Aunt Chris went up to my room and came down with the bits of rope, crepe bandage, and other things I had been using to tie myself up.

There is a good film on this afternoon I want to watch and I don't want you to disturb Me. Next she Tied In Tights a second piece of rope and tied it around my elbows in a sort of figure of 8. My elbows were not touching but they were drawn together. Next she told me to kneel down and then lie face down.

She bended my knees and took a piece of rope to tie my ankles to my wrists. Do you like being gagged with your old socks? Next she pulled the crepe bandage between my teeth, looped it round my head and tied it behind my neck. And for the second time in as many minutes her finger nails scraped over the soles of my bare feet.

I curled my toes but it did nothing to help me. I tried to pull my feet away but they were tied too tightly to my hands. I tried to roll to one side but I was tied too tightly. There was nothing I could do to stop the tickle torment on my feet and I just screamed and laughed into the folds of the soft gag in my mouth. Very little sound came out which seemed to please Auntie Chris and she gave quite an evil grin as she sat back and switched the television on. No car chases, no explosions and no Massageguide super heroes.

Can films like this even exist? There were a few things which kept me amused during the film. Firstly Snapchat Dog Filter Png was tied up. Up to that morning I had always been able to give my hands a little wriggle or twist Ben 10 Hentai Pics they would be free to untie everything else but this time I was properly tied up.

I could not escape and that was a very exciting but slightly Tied In Tights feeling. Sometimes her toes would probe under my shirt and she would wriggle them so the coarse nylon of her tights would tickle my sides. Once the film was finished she stood up and went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee.

Coming back she untied my hands from my feet and Tied In Tights me stretch out. Relief was not long lived as she then sat astride my legs and lifted my shirt up to tickle my ribs and tummy. She found I had quite an energetic reaction to the sticking her index finger in my belly button and wriggling it. I was left a struggling sweaty mess Tied In Tights the end of five minutes. Lying on my side I just managed the energy to roll off my aback to take my weight off my bound arms but without the energy to roll away or move any further.

She began to flick through the channels as she sipped her coffee. Every now and again she would lift her right foot up slightly and her big toe would find my belly button. Giving it a wriggle she would send me into a fit Tied In Tights hysterics with the slightest movement. In the periods between her tickling my tummy with her toes I lay on the floor trying to be ignored. Right in front of my face was her other foot. I had a good close up view of her bright red painted toes under her sheer tan nylon tights.

She would occasionally spread or wiggle the toes making me flinch just thinking about her other toe finding my tummy again. After about 20 minutes she had finished her coffee and turned back to me. She rolled me onto my tummy and untied my wrists and elbows, leaving me to take my gag out and untie my feet.

I looked and saw the indentation of the twists of the rope on my wrists. I sat watching TV whilst my aunt made tea and my mum came back from her mammoth shopping expedition.

Tied In Tights

Tied In Tights

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Tied In Tights

know your limitations don't do a tie for example hogtie with elbows touching together behind the back if you don't have the flexibility for it, don't get tied if your injured as this could injure you more. and one of the big things and this goes for any communicate with your partner that's doing the tying if your tied to a chair or in a hogtie for example and suddenly you start feeling pain or numbness anywhere that .

Tied In Tights

Tied In Tights

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August Blackmailed by friend's mom Part 5. Jenna tied us up really tight. She used a whole lot of rope to tie our wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. For the final touch she even tied our feet to our elbows, forcing us in an incredibly tight hogtie. We still were gagged with her sock and tape but as she promised one of us had to be gagged with her tights. She slowly peeled off her shoes from her feet and let us smell her foot a bit, giving us a demonstration of the stench. The smell was very strong.